A wetroom with clean lines and a hint of colour.


A bath and shower cubicle originally sat in this room, but the customer wanted a wetroom to make the room look spacious and easy to clean. A solid floor, meant a lot of dust and dirt - but the work was completed in a week. One of the customers main gripes was clutter - so deeper than standard furniture was installed to keep the room tidy.


A narrow bathroom with existing problems


Originally a bath, which had a few leaks over time causing the ceiling in the living room to cave in. With the room being so narrow, there were a number of different proposals to make the room easy to navigate, and allow a large walk in shower cubicle and storage. A careful choice of colours made the room light and fresh.


Bringing a lovely maroon and pink bathroom suite
into the 21st Century


One of the requirements was to hide the piping and any 'dust traps' and provide a low access shower tray and cubicle, with coated glass and waterproof panelling - to again provide ease of cleaning.

Miss Marsh also wanted some storage space to make the room look uncluttered. A wall mounted cabinet was neatly situated nearly the sink to hold any bottles and towels.

The room was completed in a week whilst the customer was away on holiday.



A complete change - moving everything around.


A decent sized room - but poorly laid out. The corner bath took up a lot of space without serving any real purpose, and made the room tighter than was necessary. Moving the bath under the window, and tiling it in, meant moving the WC and basin to the back wall in storage units. All the pipework was concealed, and a two tone tile scheme made a feature of the wall you first look at when entering the room. The finished room was practically identical to the proposed layout.


A compact, unusually shaped bathroom


A small bathroom consisting of a bath and standard WC and basin. The customer wanted the bath removing and replacing with a shower cubicle, as well as providing storage - both inside the cubicle and out - with fitted furniture to conceal all pipework, leading to a much cleaner room layout.


A room with an old cylinder cupboard needed a little style


Originally a bath with a large, defunct cylinder cupboard which needed a complete overhaul. Customer wanted a rounded look to all equipment, as well as a modern colour scheme which could be adapted with towels and accessories. Customer also wanted a frosted glass quadrant cubicle, which we supplied and installed.


A complete, modern installation hiding all pipework


Replacing an existing suite that was tired and dated. The customer had boxing at the end of the bath that was wasted, and exposed piping and 'dust traps' frequently annoyed the customer.

A concealed WC and wall hung basin gave the room more space and made it easier for cleaning.



A large, dated bathroom transformed with a clean, modern design.


A large, but tired, bathroom in need of updating. Some of the existing equipment was starting to break and leak so it was time to take the plunge. Everything was staying in the same place - so installation wasn't too heavy and the equipment took advantage of promotions that were running. The end result looked both modern and clean.